What Is Give Better?

We are a social enterprise that provides resources to launch subscription based impact investment projects.  We believe sustainable giving leads to sustainable living.  

Give Better is not a do-it-yourself crowdfunding site or a charitable organization.  We are a for-profit public benefit company with a mission to help people live their passion and make an impact in their community.

Why did we start Give Better?

We launched Give Better to make impact investing more accessible to Millennial and Gen Z social entrepreneurs. 

Did you know the largest charitable organizations in the United States are Donor Advised Funds managed by Wall Street banks?  In 2019, these Donor Advised Funds had over $121 billion in assets but distributed less than 20% of the money to people in need.

We think there is a better way to give.  80% of every impact investment you make to a Give Better Impact Project directly benefits that project's cause. 

“Power comes not from knowledge kept but from knowledge shared.”

- Bill Gates

A Platform for Change

By connecting social entrepreneurs and impact investors through Impact Projects, Give Better is building a global network of Impact Influencers who want to subscribe to change. 

Who are social entrepreneurs?

We like to call them Impact Influencers.  Anyone can be an Impact Influencer.  The only requirements are a desire to live your passion, make an impact, and achieve transformative change   

What is an impact investment?

An investment made with the intention to generate a measurable social impact.

What are Impact Projects?

Impact Projects are charitable subscriptions.  Give Better Impact Projects are vetted, approved, and run by Impact Managers with professional fundraising and digital marketing expertise.

Who are Impact Managers?

Impact Managers are experienced change makers.  They design, define, and build customized mission-related Impact Projects to crowdfund impact investments in their community.

How does Give Better work?

Step 1

Become an Impact Influencer

Live your passion and make an impact.

Step 2

Define your Impact Project

Make an investment in your community.

Step 3

Build your Giving Network

80% of every dollar raised goes directly to your Impact Project.

Ready to make an impact?  Ready to subscribe to change? 

Give Better — Live Better 

Ready to make an impact?

Looking to start an Impact Project? Interested in becoming an Impact Manager or Impact Influencer? We want to hear from you.